A survey of dental patients demonstrates that sustainability is an important practice-builder.

The overwhelmingly positive response to a survey conducted at Dove Holistic Dental Centre (DHDC) is a testament to the value patients place on its eco-friendly practices. A staggering 91% of respondents ranked DHDC’s environmental ethos as “important”, “very important”, or “more important than any other aspect”. Equally impressive, 94% of patients said they would recommend the practice based on its environmentally friendly approach.

Dove Holistic Dental Centre (DHDC) in Bognor Regis is an eco-friendly dental practice built with sustainability as a guiding principle. It is also the inspiration for Greener Dentistry Global, a toolkit and accreditation programme created by its principal, Dr Davinder Raju.

The survey, which involved 374 randomly selected patients, revealed a significant and growing trend towards environmental consciousness. Notably, 97% of respondents said they had already taken steps to reduce their environmental footprint. This data is a clear indication that sustainability is not just a passing trend but a growing concern among dental patients, a trend that dental practices should be aware of and adapt to.

Furthermore, 94% of patients said they valued prevention and a minimally invasive approach to oral healthcare, aligning with the principles of sustainable dentistry. Interestingly, while 37% of patients expressed a desire for more information on minimal intervention dentistry and its relation to sustainability, a majority (62%) said they trusted that the practice was doing all it could for the environment and its patients. Only 1% chose the practice based on convenience.

Dr Davinder Raju welcomed the loyalty that has accrued thanks to his dental practice’s sustainable ethos. He said, “This survey is a resounding endorsement of our sustainable ethos and the work of my team. It demonstrates the trust and loyalty that can accumulate when a dental practice strives to minimise its environmental impact.”

He added: “As environmental awareness grows, dental practices that embrace eco-friendly practices are likely to experience greater patient satisfaction and recommendations. I am so grateful for the support of both patients and staff for what we do, not least because it illustrates the value of the Greener Dentistry Global toolkit.”