Greener Dentistry Global Commitment to a Better World

🌟 Our Impact page for Greener Dentistry Global has gone live, showcasing our commitment to positively impacting society. As part of our purpose-driven mission, we're proud to introduce our new F4C - "Fridays for Community" initiative for the dental sector! 🦷

🤝F4C is about dedicating Fridays to contributing to our community, making a positive impact through the power of compassion, collaboration and change to make a better world for everyone.

Here are some of the key "C" words that define our FFC initiative:

💚1. Compassion - Showing empathy and understanding towards others and taking action to alleviate their suffering.
💚2. Collaboration - Working together with like-minded individuals and organisations to achieve common goals that benefit society.
💚3. Change - Making a positive difference in the lives of others and the environment.
💚4. Charity - Supporting charitable causes and organisations that align with our values.
💚5. Connection - Building strong relationships within our community and fostering a sense of belonging.
💚6. Conservation - Promoting sustainable practices and protecting our planet for future generations.
💚7. Creativity - Encouraging innovative solutions to address pressing societal and environmental challenges.

Join us at hashtag#GreenerDentistryGlobal and our hashtag#F4C initiative, and let's make every Friday a day for positive action within dentistry! 🦷🤩🦷

At hashtag#GreenerDentistryGlobal, we pledge 2% of our gross revenue to impact the environment and enhance society positively.

Together, we can create a lasting impact and contribute to a greener, more compassionate world. 🌱💚 🌎

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